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The Henna Artist - Vidya

Vidya is a professional henna artist and has provided services at weddings, birthday parties, holidays, college events, corporate events, and more.

Vidya is the founder of Shades Of Arts by Vidya. She grew up in Pune, India. Lived in Plano, Texas for 5 years and now located in Austin Tx. Vidya has a bachelors degree in Fashion Designing. Her romance with henna started  at very young age when her grandmother applied it on her. Traditional henna designs that were applied on her hands gave her immense joy and she was always left fascinated. She immediately fell in love with the fluidity of the designs, the minty fragrance, the cooling sensation on her skin, and the beautiful maroon stain on her palms. From that day on, Vidya took the time to learn the techniques behind the art of henna by practicing on her own. What started as doodles in her notebooks and experiments with a henna cone quickly turned into a passion. Vidya's first exposure to henna was at a family wedding she attended. Then, Vidya started practicing designs on family and friends at small get-togethers, realizing that she could make her dreams a reality and take her love for henna to the next level. Vidya's passion for henna art eventually turned into a business. 

Although she is a versatile artist who is always open to learning and experimenting with new styles and techniques in henna, her favorites are Traditional Indian and Gulf-inspired designs.

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